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Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula is one of the most beautiful regions of South Australia. A long, narrow peninsula with over 700 kilometres of nearly pristine coastline, Yorke Peninsula is a fantastic place to escape the city and enjoy the stunning beauty of Australia. With this beauty brings countless things to do on the Yorke Peninsula.

Located to the north-west of Adelaide, Yorke Peninsula is bordered by Gulf St Vincent to the east and Spencer Gulf in the west. Consisting mostly of fertile flat land and gently rolling hills, the Peninsula is home to hundreds of farms and grain crops. The traditional home of the Narungga indigenous people, European settlement began in the early 1840s and today the Peninsula is home to around 25,000 people.

The Yorke Peninsula weather is fairly similar to Adelaide, with hot summers and mild winters, though it tends to be slightly wetter and windier than other parts of South Australia.

Moonta Jetty - Things To Do Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips
Moonta Bay Jetty

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Getting To The Yorke Peninsula

Getting to Yorke Peninsula from Adelaide is quite easy, with just a 90 minute drive along the A1 north of Adelaide to reach Port Wakefield at the Peninsula’s northern end. From here, it’s another 30 minutes west to the major towns of Kadina and Moonta, while the extreme southern tip of the Peninsula at Marion Bay is about two hours away. Coach services are available from Adelaide to Kadina, Wallaroo and Moonta, but exploring the best Yorke Peninsula attractions will definitely require your own car (need car hire, click here).

So with all that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit in Yorke Peninsula!

Yorke Peninsula Tourist Attractions

Yorke Peninsula is packed full of interesting things to do and see. Even just a quick glance at the Yorke Peninsula map above shows how many beautiful spots and fascinating places there are, so let’s investigate some of the highlights.

Innes National Park

Stenhouse Bay Jetty Innes National Park - Things To Do Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips
Stenhouse Bay Jetty, Innes National Park

Innes National Park is located on the far southern tip of the Yorke Peninsula, and is one of the most beautiful spots of the entire area. With spectacular cliffs, white sandy beaches, rolling dunes, salt lakes and isolated lighthouses, Innes National Park is also home to hundreds of species of plants and animals. It’s a popular spot for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, camping, bird watching, and surfing. The famous surf break at Pondalowie Bay is located here, and is a great spot for experienced surfers.

Yorke Peninsula Beaches

North Beach Wallaroo - Things To Do Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips
North Beach Wallaroo

With over 700 kilometres of coastline, there’s literally hundreds of Yorke Peninsula beaches to choose from, many of them pristine and largely undisturbed. Some of the highlights include Berry Bay and nearby Cap Clairout, while inside Innes National Park there’s Shell Beach and Brown’s Beach. Further north around Wallaroo you’ll find North Beach and Office Beach, and in Moonta you will find the beautiful Simms Cove, all of which are more family friendly than the pounding surf beaches of the southern Peninsula. There’s also fantastic Yorke Peninsula fishing spots such as the long jetty at Port Hughes, while Tiddy Widdy Beach on the eastern coast is another great spot.

Moonta Mines

For something a little different, considering checking out Moonta Mines located just outside the town of Moonta. One of the richest copper deposits in Australia, mining began here in the 1860s and continued through until the 1920s. Interestingly, most of the miners were recent migrants from Cornwall in the UK, and all of the remaining buildings have a distinctly Cornish feel to them. Highlights here include a museum located in the old schoolhouse, two enginehouses, the railway, a miner’s cottage, and of course the ever-popular sweet shop!

Walk the Yorke

Walk The Yorke - Things To Do Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips

For the more actively inclined, Yorke Peninsula is home to a colossal 500 kilometre walking trail that stretches for almost the entire coastline, from Port Wakefield all the way to Moonta Bay. Although you could definitely “Walk the Yorke” by completing the entire distance, the hike is separated into 16 much smaller sections that can be completed as shorter single day or overnight walks. Check out the website for full details, though be sure to plan your hike in advance as the trail is sometimes remote and conditions can be challenging.

Yorke Peninsula Road Trips

As a long, fairly thin peninsula, a road trip is definitely the best way to see the best Yorke Peninsula tourism highlights!

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3 Night Loop From Adelaide

Starting from Adelaide, head north along the A1 until you reach Port Wakefield, before heading north-west to the larger towns of Kadina, Wallaroo and Moonta. Have a fish from the nearby Port Hughes Jetty, and drop by the Moonta Mines to explore the Copper Coast’s history before turning southwards along the western coast of the Peninsula. Check out the beaches while you head south, including Parsons Beach, and Flaherty Beach. Stay the night around Hardwicke Bay or Point Turton.

The following day, head for the Innes National Park out on the tip of the Peninsula, via the cute town of Marion Bay. Go for a surf, snorkel in the beautiful water, enjoy the beaches, do some hiking! There’s plenty of things to do in this gorgeous corner of the world. Camp overnight in the national park, though remember to bring supplies. Next day, head for the eastern shore of the peninsula, starting with Edithburgh with its fantastic Tidal Pool. Follow the coastline north via Coobowie, Stansbury, Port Vincent and Ardrossan. Stay overnight along here (I recommend Port Vincent), before returning to Adelaide the following day.

Accommodation in Yorke Peninsula

Although it’s sparsely populated, there’s plenty of Yorke Peninsula accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Let’s have a look at some highlights.

Yorke Peninsula Hotels

In the northern areas of Yorke Peninsula, check out Wallaroo Marina Apartments at Wallaroo, the Kadina Gateway Motor Inn at Kadina, or Cliff House Beachfront Villas in Moonta. Down south, Port Vincent Motel & Apartments is a popular choice, Stansbury Holiday Motel in Stansbury is highly regarded, while Marion Bay Holiday Villas is one of the more popular Yorke Peninsula holiday rentals.

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Yorke Peninsula Airbnbs

Airbnb has some great options for your Yorke Peninsula holidays. Up north in Clinton you’ll find the fantastic and quirky Crab Hollow Bed & Breakfast, while down south in Hardwicke Bay the Sunset Lodge is an excellent choice for larger groups and families. In Marion Bay, Temples Holiday House is a perfect spot for families, and for accommodation on the east coast it’s hard to go past The Edithburgh Shack (it is not a shack, trust me).

Yorke Peninsula Caravan Parks

Around Wallaroo, consider the Wallaroo Beachfront Tourist Park, while in nearby Moonta the Moonta Bay Caravan Park is a solid choice. In southern Yorke Peninsula, Marion Bay Caravan Park is a great option, and Corny Point Caravan Park is highly rated as well. On the east coast, Edithburgh Caravan Park is excellent, while Yorketown Caravan Park features pet-friendly cabins. Port Vincent Caravan Park and Port Vincent Foreshore Park are likewise very comfortable, rounding out the list of caravan parks Yorke Peninsula.

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Yorke Peninsula Camping

Camping is an absolute must-do on Yorke Peninsula, and Innes National Park is undoubtedly the best spot. Highlight campgrounds here include Stenhouse Bay Campground, Cable Bay Campground, Shell Beach Campsite, and of course Pondalowie Bay camping. Elsewhere, other great campsites Yorke Peninsula include Wauraltee Beach, Tiparra Rocks, Parara Campground, and Port Julia Oval. If Yorke Peninsula glamping is more your style, the fantastic Hillocks Ocean Pods near Marion Bay (featured in the Airbnb snippit above) are both beautiful and comfortable, while still providing a genuine camping experience.


Overall, the Yorke Peninsula is one of Australia’s most beautiful and undiscovered regions. With hundreds of kilometres of coastline, it’s an incredible place to explore Australia’s natural beauty. And despite its proximity to Adelaide, Yorke Peninsula is still largely unknown outside of South Australia, so you won’t be struggling for space on the beach or rubbing elbows on hiking trails. Perfect!

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Things To Do Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips

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