60+ Things To Do – Adelaide Hills

Located on the city’s eastern fringe, the Adelaide Hills is one of South Australia’s most beautiful areas. Home to quaint and tranquil towns, incredible produce, superb vistas, and plenty of activities, it’s a genuine must-visit area. But there’s so many things to do in the Adelaide Hills, that it’s difficult to discern the good from the bad. So if you’re looking for the best Adelaide Hills attractions, read on for our mega-post on the best things to do – Adelaide Hills. And be sure to visit each town’s Visitor Information Centre, detailing what’s on in the Adelaide Hills, local places to visit Adelaide Hills, and of course what to see in Adelaide Hills.

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Things To Do - Adelaide Hills

There are countless amazing things to do in the Adelaide Hills. As local Adelaide Hill Billys, as we are commonly called, please enjoy this list we have put together. 

Visit The Beautiful Towns

There’s plenty of charming suburbs in Adelaide Hills. Visiting these little towns, suburbs, and villages is always fun, and they rank among the top attractions Adelaide Hills.

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Just Off The Freeway

These spectacular towns can be visited by simply exiting off the South Eastern Freeway on your way out from Adelaide. Starting closest to Adelaide you will find:

1. Crafers

Crafers is one of the oldest settlements in the Adelaide Hills, and is one of the first townships you’ll come across heading south-east out of the city. It’s quiet, peaceful and green, home to a large historic pub known as Crafers Hotel. Crafers is also the gateway to Mount Lofty Summit, the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, Cleland Conservation Park, and Cleland Wildlife Park.

2. Stirling

A bit further up the road from Crafers, is the town of Stirling, one of the larger settlements in the Adelaide Hills area. One of the best things to do in Stirling is visit during Autumn (April-May), when the trees turn beautiful shades of orange and brown. Be sure to check out many of the historic mansions in town, and enjoy the easy access to both Mount Lofty, and the Cleland Park attractions.

3. Bridgewater

Bridgewater - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Home of the historic Bridgewater Mill an old flour mill, Bridgewater is filled with greenery and is a perfect places for families. The famous Bridgewater Inn is known for fantastic schnitzels and has amazing seating next to a creek for a perfect afternoon lunch.  Furthermore Bridgewater has fantastic walking trails, including the Heysen Trail and has a wonderful park for everyone to enjoy. 

4. Hahndorf

Hahndorf Church - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Hahndorf is probably the best known town in the Adelaide Hills, and for good reason. Founded by German settlers, it still retains a strong Germanic flavour. Sample the many German pubs, restaurants, and bakeries, visit the beautiful Lutheran churches, and enjoy the gorgeous old buildings – many still in marvellous condition! Hahndorf is an excellent destination for an organised day trip, like this Adelaide Hills, Hahndorf & Mount Lofty from Adelaide tour.

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5. Mount Barker

Mount Barker is the largest town in the Adelaide Hills, with a bustling main street that’s packed with shops and historic buildings. Relax in the green spaces of Keith Stephenson Park, follow the Mount Barker Heritage Walk, take in the views at Mount Barker Summit, or explore the trails of Laratinga Wetlands. Once you’re done, head for the Prancing Pony Brewery or Ngeringa Vineyard for a refreshing beverage.

Further From The Freeway

It is definitely worth exploring deeper into the Adelaide Hills away from the freeway. These quintessential Hills towns and unique in their own character and full of things to do. Starting in the northern area of the Adelaide Hills and working south we have:

6. Birdwood

Birdwood - Jane Hewitt - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips
Photo courtesy of Jane Hewitt - Member of South Australia Road Trips

At the northern end of the Adelaide Hills, you’ll find the charming riverside town of Birdwood. Once an important stop heading inland along the River Torrens, today Birdwood is famous for the National Motor Museum. With a large collection of modern and classic cars (particularly Australian cars), the Museum is a must-visit for any car lover.

7. Lobethal

Located in the central Adelaide Hills area, Lobethal is another picturesque town established by 19th century German migrants. Its Germanic heritage can still be seen today, with a beautiful Lutheran church, the famed Lobethal Bierhaus, and a fantastic German bakery. Lobethal is also famous for its magnificent Christmas lights displays along the main street.

8. Woodside

Those looking for gourmet experiences in the Adelaide Hills should definitely prioritise visiting Woodside. Located in the eastern Hills, not far from Oakbank, Woodside is home to many fantastic food and wine stops. Highlights here include Melba’s Chocolate Factory, Woodside Cheese Wrights, and several great cafes in town. Just outside town, you’ll find fantastic wineries like Barrister’s Block, Bird In Hand, and Petaluma.

9. Oakbank

Just south of Lobethal is the little hamlet of Oakbank. Surrounded by excellent wineries like Cobb’s Hill Estate and Murdoch Hill, Oakbank is also home to Australia’s largest picnic horse race meeting, which takes place at Easter every year. Be sure to check out the Oakbank Heritage Walk, taking in the town’s historic sites, including an oak tree that’s over 150 years old!

10. Uraidla

Uraidla sits in a close pocket of Adelaide Hills close to Adelaide, not far from Cleland Conservation Park. Nestled amongst the vineyards, Uraidla is a great base for exploring many of the Hills’ great wineries, including Lofty Valley, Greenhill, and Barratt Wines. There’s also an impressive historic pub, the Uraidla Hotel, and the well-regarded Uraidla Brewery next door.

11. Others

In addition to the towns mentioned above, there’s plenty of other great spots scattered throughout the Adelaide Hills area. For example, there’s sleepy Aldgate, home of the Aldgate Pump Hotel and Balhannah, with its iconic hotel and easy access to wineries. However, there are many more tiny, quaint towns that should also not be missed so get out there and explore the beauty of the Adelaide Hills.

Scenic Drives

Being a road trip website we of course needed to mention the beautiful scenic drives that are available in the Adelaide Hills

12. Onkaparinga Valley Scenic Drive – Hahndorf to Birdwood

One of the best scenic drives in the Adelaide Hills is the 34-kilometre stretch between Hahndorf to Birdwood, along the Onkaparinga Valley Road (Onkaparinga Valley Scenic Drive – B34). This route takes in countless wineries, roadside stalls and charming townships such as Verdun, Balhannah, Oakbank, Woodside, Charleston and Mount Torrens.

13. Torrens Valley Scenic Drive – Adelaide to Mount Pleasant

Leaving from the north-eastern suburb of Adelaide, Tea Tree Gully, you will head north east through beautiful Adelaide Hills towns. These include Inglewood, Gumeracha, Birdwood and Mount Pleasant. This drive then continues on to the Barossa Valley.

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14. Angas River Scenic Drive – Stirling to Strathalbyn

The Angas River Scenic Drive between Stirling and Strathalbyn, which is 38 kilometres in length highlights the southern Adelaide Hills and the beginning of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Driving through the beautiful towns of Aldgate, Mylor, Biggs Flat, Echunga, Flaxley and Macclesfield, before arriving in Strathalbyn, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Sample Delicious Food and Wine

The Adelaide Hills area is renowned across the country for the exceptional quality of its food and wine. If you’re wondering what to do in the Adelaide Hills, visiting as many wineries in the Adelaide Hills as you can is a great place to start! But there’s more than just wine among the top Adelaide Hills things to do.


Adelaide Hills is home to some of Australia’s best wineries, and the cellar doors of the Hills are renowned across the country. But it’s not just wine! In recent years, a plethora of brewers and gin distillers have also sprung up.

15. Adelaide Hills Wineries

Wineries - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

The best wineries in Adelaide Hills are scattered across the entire area, and although you’ll find all types of wine, the best drops here are cool climate wines (thanks to the elevation). In the Hahndorf area, be sure to visit Hahndorf Hill, and The Lane. In nearby Balhannah you’ll find the spectacular Shaw + Smith, perhaps the top winery in Adelaide Hills. At Woodside, be sure to visit Bird in Hand, while the tiny hamlet of Lenswood is home to both Pike & Joyce, and Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard, some of the best wineries Adelaide Hills.

Overall, there are dozens of wineries in the Adelaide Hills – sometimes it’s best to just cruise around and drop in wherever takes your fancy! Many wineries also have excellent restaurants, so a winery lunch Adelaide Hills is also a popular choice. And if you’d prefer to avoid the hassle of driving (or choosing), there are plenty of winery tour Adelaide Hills businesses that can chauffeur you around between cellar door Adelaide Hills, uncovering the hidden gems.

Wanting A Wine Tour?

16. Craft Beer

Craft Beer - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Craft beer has expanded rapidly in the past few years, as drinkers broaden their horizons beyond mass market beer. Naturally, there’s some fantastic craft breweries in the Adelaide Hills. Be sure to check out Prancing Pony Brewery in Totness, Lobethal Bierhaus in Lobethal, Gulf Brewery in Hahndorf, Uraidla Brewery in Uraidla, and Mismatch Brewing at Lot 100 in Hay Valley. Grab a tasting paddle and enjoy everything from crisp lagers to cloudy ales and chocolate stouts.

17. Cider & Gin

Gin - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Gins and ciders are also both commonly distilled in the Adelaide Hills, thanks to the excellent climate and easy access to orchards. For gins, Ambleside Distillers in Hahndorf is one of the highlights, while Applewood Distillery is also perennially popular. If you’re a fan of cider, the best spots include The Hills Cider Company at Lot 100 in Hay Valley, Kersbrook Hill, and Paracombe Premium Perry in Paracombe.


Adelaide Hills is one of Australia’s premier farming regions, and a huge variety of top-quality produce and artisan foods is grown and made right here.

18. Melba's Chocolates

One of the real highlights of the Adelaide Hills is Melba’s Chocolate Factory, located in the historic Farmer’s Union Factory building in Woodside. Mostly utilising heritage chocolate-making machines, Melba’s is famous for classic style chocolates and lollies – many with a unique Australian twist. Take a factory tour, or just enjoy the storefront, complete with samples!

19. FruChocs

FruChocs are one of South Australia’s hidden delights. Highly popular within the state, but almost unknown outside of it, these little gems are chocolate-covered chunks of dried fruit (hence the name!). Typically made with apricot and peach, but also available in other fruit flavours like mango or cherry, FruChocs are tasty and very more-ish. Be sure to grab some while you’re in the Adelaide Hills from its Hahndorf store. (Not technically just avilable in the Adelaide Hills but far too good not to mention)

20. Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Picking - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Located just outside of Hahndorf is one of Australia’s favourite independent fruit companies: the Beerenberg Family Farm, which has produced jams and sauces for over 150 years. The shop has a great variety of things to taste and buy, while picking your own fresh strawberries direct from the patch is one of the best fun things to do in Adelaide Hills. Strawberry picking is in season generally from November through April.

21. Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

If you’re not a fan of strawberries (you must be crazy), there’s plenty of cherry orchards in the Adelaide Hills as well, where you can pick cherries to your heart’s content. There’s plenty to choose from, particularly in the Lenswood area, but other highlights include Stella Creek Cherries, Marble Hill Cherries at Ashton, and Harben Vale Cherries near Balhannah. Cherry picking Adelaide Hills is seasonal, and best done in early summer (November through January).

22. Apple Picking in Lenswood

Apple Picking - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Fruit trees and orchards are never far away in the Adelaide Hills, and picking apples is another wonderful Adelaide Hills attraction. Many orchards are dotted around the entire Hills region, but highlights include Montacute Valley Orchards at Montacute, Harrisville Orchards in Lenswood, and Heritage Apple and Pear Orchard near Springfield. Apple picking generally happens around late autumn, typically in May though this varies slightly each year.

23. Udder Delights

The incredible range of foods on offer in the Adelaide Hills extends far beyond fruit and chocolate. Another highly popular product from the region is cheese, and Udder Delights in Hahndorf is well known as one of the best local cheesemakers. Home to a tasting room, shop, and one of the best cafes Adelaide Hills, there’s a huge variety of cheeses to choose from: soft and hard, sharp and mild, aged, blue, goat, fondue, and more.

24. Woodside Cheese Wrights

Another well-known cheesemaker in the Adelaide Hills is Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights, based in Woodside. There’s a huge selection of cheese here, in a variety of styles, along with condiments, accessories, and the ever-popular hampers too. Anyone with even a passing interest in cheese should absolutely drop in for a wedge or two!

25. Bakeries

Bakeries - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Every country town in Australia has a fantastic bakery, and of course the Adelaide Hills region is no different. Serving all manner of breads, sweet and savoury treats, pies and sausage rolls, and much more besides, Adelaide Hills bakeries are some of the most highly regarded in Australia. Highlights include Lobethal Bakery, Balhannah Bakery, and of course Hahndorf Bakery with its superb German goodies.

26. High Tea

There’s nothing better for a relaxing afternoon than a spot of high tea, and there’s plenty of high tea in Adelaide Hills options. Graze on a delicious selection of sweet and savoury treats, sip your tea or coffee, and enjoy a glass of something a little stronger in one of the world’s most serene settings. High Teas are available at Glen Ewin Estate in Houghton, Udder Delights in Hahndorf, and at Oleaceae’s Mediterranean High Tea in Mount Barker.

27. Food & Wine Tours

With such an enormous selection of foods and wines to try in the region, booking an Adelaide Hills day trip can be a great option. A day tour of the Adelaide Hills allows you to fit more in, with no worries about choosing the best spots or drink-driving limits. So if you’re thinking of an Adelaide Hills tour, perhaps consider this Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf Food & Wine tour, this Adelaide Hills Hop-on Hop-off Wine Tour, or a Hahndorf Guided Food and Wine E-Bike Tour.


In many parts of Australia, pubs serve as de facto community centres where friendships are formed and stories shared over the course of a drink (or several!). Naturally, there’s many great pubs in Adelaide Hills region.

28. Stirling Hotel

Located in Stirling, the Stirling Hotel complex is a great example of an upmarket Australian country pub. Recently renovated to include boutique accommodation, a bistro, beautiful dining room (with private rooms available), wine cellars, and a patisserie, the Stirling Hotel is a great place for an Adelaide Hills lunch.

29. Bridgewater Inn

Bridgewater Inn - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Photo Courtesy of Lili Zhou of Pod Camper Hire

Fans of beer gardens should definitely head for the Bridgewater Inn, located in a relaxing green space at Bridgewater. The large outdoor beer garden opens right onto Cox Creek and overlooks the popular Heysen Trail walking track. It’s a very relaxing and tranquil spot, serving tasty pub meals, wines, and great cocktails.

30. Stanley Bridge Tavern

The Stanley Bridge Tavern in the little hamlet of Verdun is an iconic classic pub. With heavy sandstone walls, roaring fireplaces, plenty of outdoor space, and a modern dining area, it’s a great pub to have lunch or dinner. The fare is mostly classic Australian pub grub, like steaks, schnitzels, burgers, and salads.

31. Uraidla Hotel

Uraidla Hotel is among the older venues still operating in the Adelaide Hills, and has been a licensed pub since 1867! The pub itself is a pleasing jumble of rooms and spaces, with a variety of styles including classic colonial and art deco. There’s a huge outdoor space for kids, including a playground, and it’s pet friendly as well, making it one of the best pubs in Adelaide Hills.

32. Crafers Hotel

One of Adelaide’s first pubs, Crafers Hotel was first established in 1839. It still stands today as a sandstone colonial building, with a fully refurbished heritage interior. There’s an extensive food and wine menu, cocktails, and boutique accommodation rooms on the upper floors. It’s a great place to visit in the Adelaide Hills, and is highly regarded as one of the best pubs in the area.

33. Lobethal Bierhaus

Lobethal Bierhaus is one of the Hills’ top craft breweries. Standing on the main street corner in Lobethal, the Bierhaus is a fascinating blend of brewpub and restaurant. Try a tasting paddle of house beers, or just grab your favourite pint and head for the excellent in-house restaurant, considered as one of the best places to eat in the Adelaide Hills.


With so much fantastic produce available, the Adelaide Hills has a well-deserved reputation for excellent restaurants. Many restaurants work exclusively with local suppliers for their produce, with clearly evident results on the plate! Let’s check out the top restaurants in the Adelaide Hills.

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34. Lot 100

One of the best Adelaide Hills dining experiences can be found at the Lot 100 collective in Hay Valley. Focused entirely on local produce, including wines, beers, ciders and gins from local makers, it’s a fine-dining experience unlike any other. There’s also a relaxed courtyard dining area, serving wood-fired pizzas and antipasto platters, making for one of the best winery restaurants Adelaide Hills.

35. Lost In A Forest

Located in an old church in Uraidla, Lost in a Forest is a combination wine bar and pizzeria. With a large wood oven for truly authentic pizzas, the menu covers everything from traditional fare to unusual options like bahn mi pizza! There’s also an extensive local wine list, making it a fantastic spot for an intimate lunch or dinner, and one of the best restaurants in Adelaide Hills.

36. Fred Eatery

In Aldgate, you’ll find FRED Eatery, a buzzing cafe and restaurant spread out across several dining areas. With a focus on locally-sourced produce and quick, friendly service, FRED Eatery is one of the best places for brunch in the Adelaide Hills. Lovers of homewares will also enjoy the FRED Living homewares shop right next door.

37. Patch Kitchen & Garden

Located in a history 19th century villa near Stirling, Patch Kitchen is a great spot to explore the seasonal produce of the Adelaide Hills. With a frequently changing menu and fresh, healthy local produce, it’s no wonder that Patch Kitchen & Garden is a local favourite. Patch serves up a full-day breakfast menu, and a separate lunch menu, along with a separate and highly-regarded kids menu. Note that Patch only opens Friday through Monday.

38. Miss Perez

Sitting in the heart of Stirling township, Miss Perez offers a great fusion of modern Australian, Spanish, and Latin American cooking. Produce is all sourced from local suppliers, while the drinks menu is likewise provided by local breweries and wineries. If you’re looking for a great place to eat in the Adelaide Hills, Miss Perez is definitely an excellent choice.


Taking a cooking class is an excellent way to try out new styles and cuisines. There’s some fantastic options in the Adelaide Hills, and it’s one of the more fun things to do in the Adelaide Hills.

39. Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Thai food has become one of Australia’s favourite cuisines in recent years, and learning to make delicious Thai dishes is a real treat. This Thai Cooking Class in the Adelaide Hills, located in Stirling, is a great place to brush up your skills, or learn something totally new. Classes last around four hours, and naturally, you get to eat your hard work at the end!

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40. Olive Branch Balhannah

The delightful Olive Branch Cafe in Balhannah runs cooking classes for kids during school holiday periods. Aimed largely at primary school aged kids, the classes teach kitchen basics in a supervised environment. Enjoyable and practical, it’s definitely one of the best things to do with kids in the Adelaide Hills.

Walks & Lookouts

With its beautiful rolling hills, wide green spaces, expansive views, and charming towns, Adelaide Hills is a great place to get out and about. There’s some excellent walks in Adelaide Hills, ranging from easy to challenging.

41. Mount Lofty Summit

Mount Lofty Summit - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Most popular of the walking trails Adelaide Hills is Mount Lofty Summit, highest point in the area at over 700 metres. Drive to the top and enjoy the view, before tackling one of the many walking trails in the area. Highlights include the short Discovery Walk just below the top, the 3 hour Steub Trail, or head back to Crafers via the Mount Lofty Link Trail (4.5 kilometres, approx 2.5 hours). Getting amongst nature is always fun, and ranks highly among the free things to do in Adelaide Hills.

42. Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Walk

Another local favourite is the climb from Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty. It’s about 4.5 kilometres each way, and takes about 2.5 hours to traverse. Starting from Waterfall Gully, the trail climbs steeply upward through the ranges, with some quite challenging sections, before finally emerging at the summit.

43. Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens - Things To Do In The Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

The Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens at Crafers is a wonderful environment, with a huge variety of trees, plants, and flowers. There’s some great walks here too, including the scenic Lakeside Trail, the rugged Nature Trail, and the relaxing Valley View Walk.

44. Laratinga Wetlands Walk

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Mount Barker, the Laratinga Wetlands are home to several great walking trails in the Adelaide Hills. With flat gradients, pleasant vistas and several bird-watching opportunities, the Laratinga Wetlands are an excellent spot for a chilled out walk.

45. Hahndorf Heritage Walk

Historic Hahndorf is one of the best places to visit in the Adelaide Hills. Follow the Hahndorf Heritage Walk through the town, learning about Hahndorf’s German heritage and how each building has been preserved. The walk takes less than an hour, features some of the nicest things to see in Adelaide Hills, and free brochures are available from the Visitor Information Centre.

46. Woorabinda Wetlands

Just south of Stirling, you’ll find the Woorabinda Bushland Reserve, complete with lake, forests, and wetlands. It’s a gorgeous piece of bushland, and is criss-crossed by various walking trails of varying lengths. Grab a map and set out into the park, taking as long as you like!

47. Walk the Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail is Australia’s longest dedicated walking trail, clocking in at a colossal 1,200 kilometres. It passes through several areas of the Adelaide Hills, and there’s some great short walks you can do in the area along it. The best section is the Mount Lofty Loop Walk which takes in the Mount Lofty Summit, Cleland Conservation Park, and the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens.


Australia’s unique animals have always been a tourist drawcard. Seeing koalas and kangaroos up close is a genuine highlight of any trip, and there’s some great opportunities in the Adelaide Hills.

48. Cleland Wildlife Park

Koala - Cleland Wildlife Park - Things To Do In The Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

The highlight of animal watching in the Adelaide Hills is definitely Cleland Wildlife Park, part of the larger Cleland Conservation Area, and the closest thing to a zoo in Adelaide Hills. With only a few enclosures, you’ve got the opportunity to see animals like koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, snakes, and echidnas, all in their native environment. Hand feeding sessions and animal keeper talks are also available.

Cleland Tour Options

There’s plenty of great tour options available for visiting Cleland Wildlife Park. Some options include this Mount Lofty Downhill Bike Tour & Cleland Wildlife Park, a Summit Hike & Cleland Wildlife Park Visit, or this Cleland Wildlife Park Experience with Mount Lofty Summit.

49. Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary

Platypus - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Tucked away at Mylor, south of Stirling, is the impressive Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. A large reservation for native Australian animals, Warrawong is home to koalas, platypus, dingoes, cockatoos, and plenty of others. Hands-on experiences are available, along with keeper talks and displays.

50. Gorge Wildlife Park

Wombat - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Up north, at Cudlee Creek, you’ll find the Gorge Wildlife Park. This privately-owned animal sanctuary is home to many Australian favourites, including echidnas, koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and plenty of international favourites too. With affordable prices, Gorge Wildlife Park is definitely one of the best things to do in the Adelaide Hills.

Looking For More Action

Adelaide Hills has long been a playground for fit and active Adelaide residents looking to escape the city. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of Adelaide Hills attractions for those in search of a little adrenaline!

51. Abseiling in the Adelaide Hills

With plenty of cliffs, rock faces and overhangs, Adelaide Hills is a favoured spot for abseiling. If you’re looking to get fit and enjoy the fresh mountain air while learning (or practising!) abseiling, this Abseiling in the Adelaide Hills experience is a perfect option. It’s one of the many fun things to do in the Adelaide Hills.

52. Eagle Mountain Bike Park

Mountain Biking - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Eagle Mountain Bike Park, located at Leawood Gardens just near Crafers, offers 21 kilometres of cross country mountain bike trails. Also featuring a downhill trail, a jumps park, trials area, and a skills development park, it’s great fun for anyone on two wheels.

53. Amy Gillett Bikeway

Running for approximately 17 kilometres between Oakbank and Mount Torrens, the Amy Gillett Bikeway is a dedicated cycling and pedestrian path along a disused rail line. Named in memory of Amy Gillett, a champion cyclist and rower, the Bikeway meanders pleasantly through the countryside of the Adelaide Hills. The path is mainly flat, and offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities – one of the top cycling things to do in the Adelaide Hills.

For The Kids

With all of the wineries, breweries and distilleries, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Adelaide Hills was mostly focused on adults. But that’s not the case! There’s plenty of things to do in the Adelaide Hills with kids.

54. The Big Rocking Horse

The Big Rocking Horse - Things To Do In The Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips
Photo Courtesy of Jane Hewitt member of the South Australia Road Trips Group

Building Big Things near the highway is an Australian tradition, and the Big Rocking Horse at Gumeracha is one of the most impressive. Built in 1981, the 18 metre tall Horse was designed to attract passers-by to a nearby wooden toy factory. The toy factory is still in operation, and has a wide range of hand-crafted toys available for purchase.

55. Hahndorf Farm Barn

Ponies - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

For city kids, encountering farm animals can be a real treat. At the Hahndorf Farm Barn, they’ll have the opportunity to see farm animals up close, including cows, sheep, ponies, chickens, goats, and others. Pony and donkey rides are available, along with hands-on activities like cow milking and python holding.

56. Woodhouse Activity Centre

Physically active kids will love the Woodhouse Activity Centre, located at Woodhouse near Crafers. Featuring a range of activities like orienteering, waterslides, mazes, obstacle courses, and disc golf, Woodhouse Activity Centre is one of the top things to do in Adelaide Hills with kids.

57. Strawberry Picking at Beerenberg

Strawberry Picking - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Beerenberg Farm near Hahndorf is one of Australia’s most popular independent jam and preserves makers. Their farm features a large strawberry patch, where kids both young and old can pick strawberries to their hearts’ content. It’s relaxing and educational, and fun for all ages, though note that picking is seasonal – usually from November through April.

58. Birdwood National Motor Museum

Located in Birdwood, the National Motor Museum provides great entertainment for both young kids and big kids alike. With a particular focus on the history of Australian made cars, there’s plenty of exhibits and rare cars to see, from early 1900s antique cars through to a Bugatti Veyron, the world’s fastest production car.

59. SteamRanger Heritage Railway

There’s nothing quite like the puffing excitement of a heritage steam train, and there’s no better way to experience the magic than on the SteamRanger Heritage Railway. With regular tours running from Mount Barker across the Adelaide Hills south to Victor Harbor and back, taking a ride on a vintage steam train is a great day out for the whole family.

60. The Fairy Garden In Hahndorf

The Hahndorf Fairy Garden is a magical spot for kids to explore, with all manner of nooks and crannies devoted to all things fairy. There’s grottoes, gardens, plants, and more, so it’s a great place for kids to ignite their imaginations. There’s a cafe on site, and a gift shop too, selling all sorts of fairy gifts and items.

Arts and Crafts

The Adelaide Hills has a long connection with the art world, and has hosted many artists over the years. There’s still a real passion for art among the community here, and there’s plenty of interesting Adelaide Hills attractions for art lovers.

61. The Cedars

The Cedars is the home and studio of Sir Hans Heysen (and his daughter Nora Heysen), two of Australia’s most respected painters. Sitting on well-manicured grounds just outside Hahndorf, and with a large garden planted by Sir Hans himself, The Cedars is a treasure trove of art history. Wandering through the house and inspecting the studio is a fantastic experience, and a must-do for any art lover.

62. The Aboriginal Art House

Aboriginal Australian culture is the oldest culture on the planet, dating back as far as 60,000 years. Experiencing and understanding Aboriginal art is crucially important, and the Aboriginal Art House in Hahndorf is a great starting point. With a large variety of works on display, the Aboriginal Art House serves as a fantastic learning experience for Aboriginal culture, and is a unique experience in the Adelaide Hills.


With such a relaxing environment, it’s no surprise that Adelaide Hills is home to many day spas and beauty businesses. It’s a fantastic location for a day of pampering, and there’s no shortage of places to choose from.

63. Day Spas

Day Spas - Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Highlights include Hahndorf Creek Day Spa, with a full range of massage, spa, and treatment packages available. Senses Day Spa in Hahndorf offers various spa, sauna, pool and massage options, while Cocos Hair & Day Spa in Stirling has an excellent range of hair, nail, massage and tanning choices, all in a historic stone mansion.

Elsewhere in Stirling is Yogi-Veda, home of various Ayurvedic Massage and day spa treatments. At Aldgate you’ll find Breathe Indulgence & Beauty, specialising in couples and group massages, while Mount Lofty House offers a range of massages and treatments at one of the top hotels in the Adelaide Hills.

Make A Weekend Of It

If you’d prefer to make a weekend of it, there’s plenty of great overnight luxury accommodation in the Adelaide Hills. With this package, you can stay at Mount Lofty House in a Piccadilly Garden Room, enjoy sparkling wine on arrival, plus a country club breakfast and spa credits, or upgrade to a Valley View Room with this package. Another romantic option is this Overnight Luxury Villa Stay with a Private Chef, including a champagne breakfast, rose petal bed, and your choice of villa accommodation. These are all superb, romantic accommodation in Adelaide Hills choices.

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Adelaide Hills Caravan Parks

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it. A HUGE list of things to do in the Adelaide Hills. If you can’t find something that interests you there I am not sure where you can. In saying that if we have missed somewhere that you love please reach out and let us know. We would love to include it. You can contact us at southaustraliaroadtrips@gmail.com.

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60+ Things To Do - Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips
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