Yorke Peninsula

Things to do, accommodation and road trips around the beautiful Yorke Peninsula.

Yorke Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips

The Ultimate Yorke Peninsula Road Trip

The Yorke Peninsula is as rich in history as it is beautiful. Within 1.5 hours from Adelaide, you are greeted by lush farmland, secluded coastlines, and an evolving food and beverage scene that attracts tourists from all over South Australia. A Yorke Peninsula road trip is the one and only way to see the best of what “Yorkes” has to offer. With a reliable vehicle you can explore many of the great attractions and things to do on Yorke Peninsula, from the mining history of the Copper Coast to the surfing beaches of the “Bottom End”.

Airbnb Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips

The Best Airbnb Yorke Peninsula Accommodation

Yorke Peninsula is a gorgeous and underrated area of South Australia. Located north-west of Adelaide, the Yorke Peninsula is long and narrow, featuring over 700 kilometres of pristine coastline, with hundreds of beaches, rocky cliffs, stunning national parks, and much more besides. But where to stay in this incredible area? Airbnb is a great option for those looking to get away from traditional hotels, motels, and caravan parks, so let’s have a look at some of the best Airbnb Yorke Peninsula properties!

Things To Do Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips

Everything About The Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula is one of the most beautiful regions of South Australia. A long, narrow peninsula with over 700 kilometres of nearly pristine coastline, Yorke Peninsula is a fantastic place to escape the city and enjoy the stunning beauty of Australia. With this beauty brings countless things to do on the Yorke Peninsula.

Located to the north-west of Adelaide, Yorke Peninsula is bordered by Gulf St Vincent to the east and Spencer Gulf in the west. Consisting mostly of fertile flat land and gently rolling hills, the Peninsula is home to hundreds of farms and grain crops. The traditional home of the Narungga indigenous people, European settlement began in the early 1840s and today the Peninsula is home to around 25,000 people.

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