Eyre Peninsula Road Trip (Anti-Clockwise)

On the southern coast of one of Australia’s lesser visited states lies one of the most amazing road trips you will find anywhere on earth. From crashing waves to rugged coasts, jaw-dropping scenery to fascinating history, the Eyre Peninsula road trip has it all.

To help you plan this unforgettable Australian road trip, this is just a short guide to some of the best sights along the Eyre Peninsula, starting at Port Augusta and looping anti-clockwise around the route to finish here once again.

This road trip will take you through some of the most remote wilderness you have seen, past the most breathtaking beaches and coastal views, and will show you why South Australia is not somewhere to be missed.

Tahlia Cave The Tub - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips
The Tub - Tahlia Caves

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Getting Around The Eyre Peninsula

In order to get around the Eyre Peninsula, your only real option is by driving yourself in either a car or campervan (click here for car hire). If you choose to travel by car there are lots of hotels to choose from along the route that will be the perfect place to stay over.

If you are looking for more of an adventurous road trip then we highly recommend either buying a campervan or renting one for this road trip. There are lots of free places to camp along the Eyre Peninsula and this form of travel will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the peninsula to its fullest potential.

Eyre Peninsula Map

The Eyre Peninsula is South Australia’s largest peninsula, stretching from Port Augusta all the way west to the Head of Bite on the South Australian coast. Due to this incredible size, there are so many beautiful sights and unmissable attractions on the Eyre Peninsula road trip, which makes planning it quite difficult.

Looking at the Eyre Peninsula map, you will see that by travelling directly west from Port Augusta through the remote Eyre Peninsula towns such as Kimba, you will arrive at the western point of Streaky Bay. This stretch of the trip mainly consists of driving as it is very remote and isolated, with little in terms of sights and attractions.

PRO TIP - Pack fly protection for your journey through the remote outback of Australia to avoid being swarmed by the infamous bush flies.
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Best Time To Visit Eyre Peninsula

When it comes to the best time to visit the Eyre Peninsula, it has to be said that the winters in South Australia can be harsh and unforgiving due to its southerly position. In contrast, the summer months can also be uncomfortable and even dangerous due to the extreme heat and risk of bushfire.

The best time to visit the Eyre Peninsula is therefore either the Spring or Autumn months, normally between September to December (Spring) and March to May (Autumn).

Eyre Peninsula Road Trip

As for the activities on the Eyre Peninsula, the most popular attraction on the road trip is the shark diving trips from Port Lincoln. The best time of year for this tends to be from April to June. However, Eyre Peninsula has so much more to offer which we go through in this post.

Day 1 Road Trip - Port Augusta to Streaky Bay

Beginning your Eyre Peninsula road trip in Port Augusta, we recommend you hit the road straight away and get as far west as possible on this day. Along the route through the outback of SA there are some sights that you cannot miss, which make for the perfect place to get out and stretch your legs.

Iron Knob

The first of these stops is the remote town of Iron Knob, which is known as the birthplace of Australia’s steel industry. If you stop off here it is possible to arrange a tour of the old mines, which will tell you all about the fascinating history of these mines and the region.


Kimba Silo Artwork - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips

Continuing west along the A1 road, the next place we recommend stopping is at the small town of Kimba, known for being halfway across Australia. Here you can view some of the most spectacular silo art we have seen in South Australia at the large silo by the train tracks. Stretch your legs here and get an ice cream but be sure to check out the big galah before you head on your way.

Streaky Bay

The final stop for the day is at the small, seaside town of Streaky Bay. After seeing nothing but sand for the previous 12 hours, the sight of the sea will be a sweet relief, so we recommend stripping off and jumping in at the pier before you settle in for the night.

If you reach this town early enough, we also recommend heading to the tourist information centre for some info on the local area. While you are here, also check out the replica of the shark, located in the local service station, that was caught in the local harbour. 

Accommodation Streaky Bay

It is your choice whether you wish to book into a hotel for the night in Streaky Bay, enjoy one of the many Eyre Peninsula caravan parks, or simply free camp on the outskirts of the town. The caravan park in Streaky Bay sits right on the foreshore and has a stunning view of the sunset, so kick back and relax. Also, the Streaky Bay Hotel Motel is part of the local pub and another great place to stay.

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Day 2 Road Trip - Australia’s Best Coastline

Now that we have reached the coast of the Eyre Peninsula, it is time for you to experience the true beauty of South Australia. As you begin your southern journey along the rugged and restless coast, be prepared for the jaw-dropping beauty to change the way you look at Australia (for the better).

Venus Bay

Venus Bay - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips

Our first stop lies at the small community of Venus Bay, where you will find the beginning of the rugged Eyre Peninsula coastline we have been talking about. Looking out from the Needle Eye Lookout on the southern coast of the bay, the views of the neighbouring islands and surrounding cliffs are simply stunning.

Tahlia Caves

Tahlia Caves Woolshed Caves - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips
Woolshed Caves - Talia Caves

Continue south to the next stop at a spot known as the Talia Caves. This section of coastline consists of a collection of small caves that you simply need to stop off at on your Eyre Peninsula road trip. The first cave is known as the Wooldshed Cave and is a huge cave that digs into the side of the cliff. You can walk inside the cave at high and low tide and watch as the powerful waves of the ocean shape the landscape around you.

If you have time, you can walk around the cliffs away from the Woolshed Cave to find a collection of rock pools which sit on the coast. Beware of the tide if you are going to search for these rock pools, however, as the path along the coast can become blocked at high tide.

The next cave you need to visit at the Talia Caves is known as The Tub. This sinkhole shaped cave sits below the ground level and requires you to climb down into it. There is a cave on the seaside of the tub that you can walk through to reach the crashing waves of the ocean.

Greenly Beach

Greenly Beach Rockpools - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips
Rock Pools Greenly Beach

About 160km south of the Talia Caves, you will find the beautiful expanse of Greenly Beach. This is where we chose to camp for the night on our Eyre Peninsula adventure, however it is up to you if you would rather continue to Port Lincoln for the night.

Whilst you are at Greenly Beach, we highly recommend heading along the coast in search of the rock pools that you can find here at low tide. There is also a hill nearby known as Mount Greenly that delivers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Accommodation Port Lincoln

If you decide to continue south for the night, then Port Lincoln lies just 70km south of Greenly Beach and is easily reached. Check into the Port Lincoln Hotel, book into a campsite or simply pitch up on the outskirts of town if you wish to free camp and rest up for your big day of adventures tomorrow.

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Day 3 Road Trip - Eyre Peninsula’s National Parks

The third day of your Eyre Peninsula road trip involves exploring the beautiful national parks on the Eyre Peninsula. South of the town of Port Lincoln, you will find the two national parks of Coffin Bay National and the Lincoln National Park.

These national parks both require entry permits, which can be either bought online or at the local visitor centre in Port Lincoln. The parks themselves are definitely worth the price of the tickets as the sights within the parks are breathtaking.

Coffin Bay & Coffin Bay National Park

Almonta Beach Coffin Bay National Park - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trip
Almonta Beach - Coffin Bay National Park

Starting off with Coffin Bay, highlights include the unique experience of eating oysters fresh from the sea, above the sea! The Coffin Bay Oyster farm allows you to try the fresh produce on a barge that sits directly above the baskets where the oysters are bred. Once you have finished your meal you can also choose to swim with the local sea lions that frequently play in the shores of Coffin Bay and the Coffin Bay National Park. What an experience!

Highlights of Coffin Bay National Park include swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Golden Island Lookout, snorkelling in the Lagoon, and spotting the numerous birds and other wildlife that roam freely around the national park. Keep your eyes peeled for baby emus!

NOTE: Some sections of Coffin Bay National Park are only accessible by 4wd. Be sure to follow signage and if unsure don’t proceed.

PRO TIP - Bring a waterproof camera on this Eyre Peninsula road trip so you don’t miss out on the amazing underwater sights you will find
Gemma & Campbell
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Lincoln National Park

As for the Lincoln National Park, sights in this incredible expanse of nature include watching for whales swimming past the shoreline, hiking to the viewpoint of Stamford Hill, and along some of the park’s rocky coastline such as Donnington Beach, September Beach and Maclaren Point.

Pack up the car with snacks and drinks and head out into the remote parks of the Eyre Peninsula to see some of the most beautiful scenery in South Australia.

NOTE: Some sections of Lincoln National Park are only accessible by 4wd. Be sure to follow signage and if unsure don’t proceed.

Accommodation Near National Parks

Fishery Bay Campsite - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips
Fishery Bay Campsite

Once again, it is your choice whether you park up at a campsite or book into a hotel in Port Lincoln. We drove out to a place known as Fishery Bay to find a remote campground for the night and were rewarded with stunning sunset views and even a view of manta rays in the bay! Other options include a large array of Airbnbs in both Coffin Bay & Pt Lincoln. Some of the favourites are showcased below.

Day 4 Road Trip - Shark Cage Diving Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln - Eyre Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips
Port Lincoln

No trip to the Eyre Peninsula is complete without experiencing the hugely popular tourist attraction that is the Port Lincoln Cage Diving. This is the only place in Australia that you can cage dive with Great White Sharks.

The tours take you out of the local bay into the open ocean, where you will be lowered into a cage at the back of the boat. They then use bait to scent the water, attracting sharks to the boat without actually feeding them. This prevents the sharks becoming reliant on humans and is much more ecologically friendly. The tour generally includes food and drink whilst on the boat, and last roughly half a day.

If the thought of shark diving is a little too much to handle, you can instead join a tour which will allow you to swim in the bay with the playful sea lions. If this also isn’t quite your cup of tea, we recommend simply moving onto the next day of the itinerary or relaxing in the sleepy town of Port Lincoln for the day.

Day 5 Road Trip - Homeward Bound

From Port Lincoln, the scenery of the Eyre Peninsula calms quite a bit, with the sights and attractions becoming more man made on the eastern coast. It is the final day of the trip and your journey takes you on a full circle back to the starting point of Port Augusta.

Tumby Bay

As you begin your journey north, the first stop you should check out is the colourful town of Tumby Bay. This lively area features a whole host of colourful art murals and even has an art festival known as the Colour Tumby Bay Street Art Festival.


Further north of Tumby Bay, you will soon encounter the town of Whyalla, which if you visit at the correct time of year can provide a truly unique experience. During the months of May to August, the shores of Whyalla are filled with thousands of giant cuttlefish that swarm here to mate and lay eggs.

Pack up your snorkel and dive in for a swim with these fascinating creatures, which can weigh up to 5kgs! Did you know that Cuttlefish have blue blood, 3 hearts, 8 arms and 2 feeding tentacles? Amazing!

Port Augusta

The final stop of your epic Eyre Peninsula road trip is at the large town of Port Augusta, where this whole adventure began. If you still have energy left then the best sights to see in Port Augusta include climbing the Water Tower Lookout for a panoramic view of the surroundings, wander through the free Australian Arid Lands Botanic Gardens, and take a trip through time at the Wadlata Outback Centre.

Accommodation Port Augusta

There are plenty of accommodation options in Port Augusta. From the Discovery Parks – Port Augusta Caravan Park to the Majestic Oasis Apartments there is something for everyones tastes and budgets.


So there you have it, one of the best road trips that Australia has to offer. The beautiful and isolated wilderness of the Eyre Peninsula is overlooked by so many traveller, however, it is because of this that it remains one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There is a saying in this part of the world that if you find a beach and there is another person on it, simply head down the coast for another one to yourself. The number of stunning beaches and coastal views along the Eyre Peninsula is simply mind-blowing, and it is not hard to fall in love when you visit yourself.

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