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Showcasing all the South Australia road trips around this beautiful state.

10 Best Van Life Destinations for a South Australia Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips

10 Best Van Life Destinations for a South Australia Road Trip

Thinking of traveling South Australia in a Van? Here are 10 of the best van life destinations for a South Australia road trip.

This is a guest post written by Ken from the Ken has a passion for camping, Van life and Van builds and loves to travel..

Ever thought of traveling South Australia in a van? What is there to do and see? What facilities are available for parking or camping?

Fleurieu Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips

Fleurieu Peninsula Road Trip

A Fleurieu Peninsula Road Trip is one of the easiest to do in South Australia due to its proximity to Adelaide. From Adelaide to Cape Jervis or Adelaide to Victor Harbor, it is just over an hour in the car, and the Fleurieu is jam-packed full of exciting things to see and do.

The Fleurieu Peninsula boasts some of the States best beaches, rugged coastlines and no less than 5 of our States 18 wine regions. There is something for everyone, the foodie, adventure seeker, nature lover, beach dweller and of course wine lover.

Adelaide to Kangaroo Island Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips

Adelaide To Kangaroo Island Road Trip

Going on a road trip from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island is something that should be on your bucket list! It’s a great way to discover what SA has to offer. Following this Kangaroo Island 5-Day Itinerary you will get to see a wide variety of landscapes, enjoy awesome experiences and have a fantastic Kangaroo Island holiday.

Driving The Nullarbor Plain - Getting To The Start - South Australia Road Trips

Driving The Nullarbor Plain – Getting To The Start

Driving the Nullarbor is almost a road trip rite of passage in Australia. It’s one of those iconic stretches of road that you really have to experience for yourself. It’s miles of flat, straight road through one of the most isolated places on earth. But before you can drive across the Nullarbor Plain, you have to get to where it starts, and that’s where this road trip comes in. Here is everything you need to know to plan your trip to Nullarbor, Australia.

The Best Motorhome & Campervan Hire in Adelaide - South Australia Road Trips

The Best Motorhomes and Campervans For Hire in Adelaide

Planning a road trip to South Australia. Picking up a campervan or motorhome but don’t know which one you need? In this article, I’ll share with you our complete comparison of the BEST motorhome and campervans for hire in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have been lucky enough to have travelled South Australia extensively in a campervan as it is our home state. Not only have we travelled around SA but we have road tripped around Australia and many other countries throughout the world and road tripping is our favourite way to travel. We have experienced a range of campervans, RVs and motorhomes each having their own unique characteristics.

So if you are looking for the best comparison on motorhome & campervan hire in Adelaide you are in the right place.

Yorke Peninsula Road Trip - South Australia Road Trips

The Ultimate Yorke Peninsula Road Trip

The Yorke Peninsula is as rich in history as it is beautiful. Within 1.5 hours from Adelaide, you are greeted by lush farmland, secluded coastlines, and an evolving food and beverage scene that attracts tourists from all over South Australia. A Yorke Peninsula road trip is the one and only way to see the best of what “Yorkes” has to offer. With a reliable vehicle you can explore many of the great attractions and things to do on Yorke Peninsula, from the mining history of the Copper Coast to the surfing beaches of the “Bottom End”.

Weekend Getaways From Adelaide - South Australia Road Trips

The Best Weekend Getaways From Adelaide

Adelaide is a fantastic city with plenty of things to see and do, both for long-time residents and new visitors alike. But with its excellent climate, gorgeous hinterland, and top-quality produce, Adelaide also makes a superb base for a weekend getaway. Whether it’s just an overnight stop or a two-night long weekend, there’s a huge amount of things to see and do within a couple of hours’ drive from the city.

Heading north to the world-famous wine regions, south to the spectacular coastlines, or inland to the relaxing river districts, there’s definitely weekend getaways from Adelaide to suit every budget and traveller. Let’s have a look at some of the best weekend road trips from Adelaide.

Day Trips From Adelaide - South Australia Road Trips

The Best Day Trips From Adelaide

South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide is one of Australia’s most interesting cities. Small enough to feel personal and welcoming, but large enough to have a huge range of activities and attractions, Adelaide is renowned for its beaches, churches, culture, and lifestyle. It’s well worth spending several days here, exploring the city and enjoying its offerings. But there’s plenty to see and do outside of Adelaide as well! With astonishing natural features, impressive history, and some of Australia’s best wineries, there’s a huge array of excellent destinations for short trips from Adelaide. So if you’re thinking of taking one or more day trips from Adelaide, read on to discover the best Adelaide day trips!

Eyre Peninsula Road Trip (Anticlockwise) - South Australia Road Trips

Eyre Peninsula Road Trip (Anti-Clockwise)

On the southern coast of one of Australia’s lesser visited states lies one of the most amazing road trips you will find anywhere on earth. From crashing waves to rugged coasts, jaw-dropping scenery to fascinating history, the Eyre Peninsula road trip has it all.

To help you plan this unforgettable Australian road trip, this is just a short guide to some of the best sights along the Eyre Peninsula, starting at Port Augusta and looping anti-clockwise around the route to finish here once again.

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