Showcasing the regions of South Australia for South Australia road trips.

Barossa Valley - Things To Do In Barossa Valley - South Australia Road Trips

Everything About The Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s premier wine producing regions. Located about 60 kilometres north-east of Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is the traditional home of the Peramangk, Ngadjuri and Kaurna indigenous peoples. The first European arrivals were English and German settlers in the 1830s, and today it is home to over 20,000 people which allows for an amazing array of things to do in the Barossa Valley.

Adelaide Hills - Things To Do In Adelaide Hills - South Australia Road Trips

Everything About The Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills is one of the most intriguing areas of South Australia. It covers a large hilly area directly to the east of Adelaide. Although many areas of the Hills are quite close to Adelaide city, it feels a genuine world away from the big city but still there many things to do in the Adelaide Hills.

Adelaide - Places To Visit In Adelaide - South Australia Road Trips

Everything About Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and a fantastic spot to explore. Located on Gulf of St Vincent in the south-eastern corner of the state, there are many places to visit in Adelaide (just see below in this post). Fun facts include the city of Adelaide has a population of 1.4 million people, is the traditional home of the Kaurna indigenous people and is sometimes referred to as the “City of Churches”.

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