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Yorke Peninsula is a gorgeous and underrated area of South Australia. Located north-west of Adelaide, the Yorke Peninsula is long and narrow, featuring over 700 kilometres of pristine coastline, with hundreds of beaches, rocky cliffs, stunning national parks, and much more besides. But where to stay in this incredible area? Airbnb is a great option for those looking to get away from traditional hotels, motels, and caravan parks, so let’s have a look at some of the best Airbnb Yorke Peninsula properties!

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Airbnb Marion Bay

Marion Bay is a small town at the southern tip of Yorke Peninsula. It’s surrounded by great beaches, and serves as the gateway to spectacular Innes National Park, one of the peninsula’s best spots. Naturally, there’s some great Marion Bay Airbnb options to suit all budgets and styles.

Bayside Glamping's Tent

Bayside Glamping's Tent - Airbnb Yorke Peninsula Glamping - South Australia Road Trips
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Glamping (or glamorous camping) has exploded in popularity over recent years, from people wanting a luxury experience without the hassles of actually camping. There’s some excellent Yorke Peninsula glamping spots in Marion Bay, like this large bell tent run by Bayside Glamping. It’s five metres in diameter, filled with beautiful furnishings and a large queen bed. It’s surrounded by a private deck which also includes a handy kitchen, and there’s a private bathroom nearby as well.

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Hilltop Ocean Pod

Hilltop Ocean Pod - Airbnb Marion Bay - South Australia Road Trips
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Another modern trend that’s rapidly catching on is the tiny house. If you’re curious to discover what tiny houses are like, it’s hard to go past the Hilltop Ocean Pod, located just near the beach a few kilometres east of Marion Bay. Roughly the size of a caravan, but with beautiful modern finishings and equipment, the Hilltop Ocean Pod can sleep four guests. It comes complete with a kitchen, TV, and a large outdoor deck with barbecue. And, it’s in a spectacular location just metres from the beach – perfect!

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Bayside Glamping's Tiny House

Bayside Glamping's Tiny House - Accommodation on Yorkes - South Australia Road Trip
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Another tiny house option is this beautiful home, also run by Bayside Camping. It’s located just a couple of minutes outside Marion Bay, and functions entirely off the grid, thanks to solar power, filtered rainwater, and a composting toilet. Constructed largely of recycled materials, but still with a bright and modern feel, the house has a full kitchen, outdoor deck, a queen sized bed, and several cosy nooks for relaxing. If you’re looking for eco-friendly Airbnb Marion Bay choices, it’s hard to beat Bayside Glamping’s Tiny House.

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Reef's Ocean Glamping

Reef's Ocean Glamping - Glamping Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips
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Any discussion of glamping Yorke Peninsula wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Reef’s Ocean Glamping, located on the coastline just north of town. This secluded 4-metre bell tent includes a comfortable double bed, kitchenette, plenty of solar lights, and a private outdoor bathroom too. With superb decorations, and such a magic location, it’s definitely one of Marion Bay Airbnb’s highlights.

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Airbnb Point Turton & Surrounds

Point Turton is a small and cosy coastal town at the southern end of Yorke Peninsula. Sitting on the northern coastline and overlooking the peaceful waters of Hardwicke Bay, Point Turton is a great choice for families looking for accommodation on Yorkes.

The Beach House Point Turton

The Beach House Point Turton - Airbnb Point Turton - South Australia Road Trips
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One of the best Point Turton Airbnb properties is The Beach House, located in the heart of town. With a prime beachfront position and spectacular water views from the entire front of the house, The Beach House is a fantastic spot to stay. Its three bedrooms can accommodate up to eight guests, and there’s also air conditioning, wifi, TV, an indoor fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, and a large deck overlooking the water.

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Harry's @ Hardwicke

Harry's @ Hardwicke - Airbnb Yorke Peninsula - South Australia Road Trips
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Harry’s @ Hardwicke is a fantastic spot for those looking to stay in Point Turton with a larger group. Accommodating up to ten guests across three bedrooms, Harry’s is located at Hardwicke Bay just out of town, and comes complete with a full kitchen, expansive lounge/dining area, deck and barbecue area, air conditioning, and a laundry. But best of all – it’s directly on the beach, just metres from the water. Perfect for those wanting a beachfront holiday in a relaxed and welcoming area.

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Airbnb Port Hughes

Up at the northern end of Yorke Peninsula, in an area known as the Copper Coast, is the small town of Port Hughes. It’s one of the best towns to stay at, thanks to its friendly and laid-back attitude, and of course the gorgeous beachfront location! There’s no shortage of Airbnb Port Hughes properties, so let’s check out the highlights.

Port Hughes Townhouse

Port Hughes Townhouse - Airbnb Port Hughes Accommodation - South Australia Road Trips
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With a great spot in the centre of town, this relaxing and appealing townhouse is a great Port Hughes Airbnb. Featuring modern furnishings throughout, and with a bright airy feel, the three bedrooms here can accommodate up to six guests – perfect for a larger family! It comes complete with a full kitchen, bathtub, laundry, air conditioning, large outdoor patio and barbecue, and along with a few extras like an Xbox, DVDs, and board games too.

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Airbnb Wallaroo

Heading north along the Copper Coast from Port Hughes is the town of Wallaroo. With several historic buildings, excellent beachfront and plenty of shops and cafes, Wallaroo is a great spot for a family holiday. There’s lots of accommodation in Wallaroo, so let’s check out the highlights.

Oceanfront House

Oceanfront House - Airbnb Wallaroo - South Australia Road Trips
Courtesy of Airbnb

Our first Wallaroo Airbnb is this spectacular Oceanfront House, located right on the waterfront at North Beach. With a clean modern design, superb styling and three bedrooms that sleep up to six guests, it’s a great spot for families and friend groups to stay in Wallaroo. The house comes equipped with a full kitchen, air conditioning, wifi, a laundry, a hot tub, large patio area with barbecue, and fantastic sunset views.

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Wallaroo Customs House

Wallaroo Custom House - Wallaroo Airbnb Accommodation - South Australia Road Trips
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Staying in bespoke heritage accommodation is one of the great perks of Airbnb, and Wallaroo Customs House is almost a perfect example. Located in the heritage-listed 1862 Wallaroo Customs House, this sandstone cottage has been modernised and renovated with an intriguing blend of ultra-modern and antique fittings and furnishings. With three bedrooms and space for six guests, this Wallaroo accommodation is not to be missed! It also features a full kitchen, air conditioning, wifi, a TV, and a generous outdoor space too.

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Airbnb Moonta Bay & Moonta

The third main centre on the Copper Coast is the Moonta and Moonta Bay area, located between Wallaroo and Port Hughes. It’s long been a favourite of Adelaide holidaymakers, with several hotels, motels and caravan parks serving the tourists that flock to Moonta’s excellent beaches. Let’s have a look at some of the best Moonta Airbnb properties.

Refurbished Miners Cottage

Refurbished Miners Cottage - Moonta AIrbnb - South Australia Road Trips
Courtesy of Airbnb

The Copper Coast nickname derives from the many copper mines that once dominated the area, and a fantastic way to connect with that heritage is to stay in a genuine miner’s cottage. Located in the heart of Moonta, this two-bedroom miner’s cottage has been fully restored to its former glory, with some added modern touches for good measure. It sleeps up to five guests, and features multiple fireplaces, a clawfoot bathtub, cosy living spaces, and a full kitchen. There’s also a good sized backyard with a covered patio area, perfect for some outdoor relaxation!

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Our Abode @ Moonta Bay

Our Abode @ Moonta Bay - Airbnb Moonta Bay - South Australia Road Trips
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Another great Moonta Bay Airbnb is Our Abode, a cute and spacious home that’s handily located just a few hundred metres from the beach. With three bedrooms and room for six guests, it’s perfect for a larger family or two small ones, and has plenty of other great features too. The large enclosed lawn means there’s a safe space for kids to play, while inside there’s a full kitchen, wifi, air conditioning, TV, and a washing machine. The outdoor space also includes a barbecue, plus a fish cleaning sink, which is super handy for any keen anglers out there. It’s also pet friendly, so the whole family can join in the fun.

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Airbnb Edithburgh & Surrounds

Edithburgh is located at the south-eastern corner of Yorke Peninsula. Dramatically located on a cliff top, with spectacular views of endless coast and sea, Edithburgh is a great spot for both long and short holidays, and has plenty to offer. There’s some excellent Airbnb Edithburgh options to choose from, so let’s look at the highlights.

The Edithburgh Shack

Sitting in a fantastic spot with views over the local golf course, the Edithburgh Shack is a wonderfully designed modern house. Bright and airy throughout, and featuring plenty of windows to let sunlight in, the Edithburgh Shack has three bedrooms and comfortable space for six guests. It’s packed with modern furnishings, and fully kitted out with a kitchen, laundry, air conditioning, TV, open plan living/dining space, and a large back deck for those epic sunset views.

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St Helens Beachfront

This spectacular beachfront property is located at Sultana Point, just a few minutes to the south of Edithburgh, and is a must-visit for any dedicated beach-goer. With a quirky mixture of both modern and period furnishings, this large comfortable house can sleep up to six people across three bedrooms, and features direct beach access – literally one staircase from the front deck and you’re on the beach! Inside, you’ll find a kitchen, TV, laundry, and air conditioning, plus a generous front deck space with a four-burner barbecue. If you’re after a complete beachfront Yorke Peninsula Airbnb, St Helens Beachfront is hard to beat.

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Sand 'n' Sea

Situated at Wool Bay, a small fishing village just north of Edithburgh, Sand ‘n Sea is a great Yorke Peninsula Airbnb for those in search of a beachfront escape. Featuring comfortable living areas, modern fittings, and a bright appealing design, Sand ‘n Sea has three bedrooms and accommodates up to six guests. Also included is a full kitchen, air conditioning, a laundry, TVs and DVD players, an outdoor deck with plenty of shade, and boat parking as well.

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Port Vincent Airbnb

Located about halfway up the eastern coast of Yorke Peninsula, Port Vincent is one of the nicest and cleanest small towns in Australia. Sitting right on the beach, and with easy access to all kinds of water activities like fishing, boating, kayaking and more, Port Vincent is an excellent spot for a relaxing Yorke Peninsula holiday. There’s plenty of Port Vincent Airbnb properties to choose from, so let’s examine the highlights.


Halfway between a shack and a chateau, this inviting and comfortable beachside spot in Port Vincent is one of the town’s highlights. With cosy modern furnishings and plenty of space throughout, Shackeau is a great place to chill out and watch the world go by. It sleeps up to six guests in three bedrooms, and also features a full kitchen, air conditioning, laundry, a large backyard, and a generous outdoor space too. Shackeau is also just a short stroll from the town jetty, and has easy access to the famous “Walk the Yorke” hiking trails that criss-cross the peninsula. For Airbnb Port Vincent properties, Shackeau is absolutely a highlight.

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