Our Mission

To inspire people to explore the state of South Australia via road tripping to showcase its unique beauty!

Who Am I

Hi there, I am Lauren a South Aussie born and bred!

I have lived in many regions of South Australia for the entirety of my life. From the caves of Naracoorte to the cuttlefish of Whyalla, spending time across the state has shown me some of South Australia’s best natural beauty. 

Not only do I love SA but I love to travel in general, especially road tripping. I have been lucky enough to road trip Iceland, USA, UK, New Zealand, Chile and of course Australia. With the craziness of Covid-19 and needing to stay close to home I thought I would combine my passion for road tripping and the beautiful state of South Australia.

Not only has Covid-19 slowed down my international travel but I was lucky enough to welcome twin boys into this world earlier this year. I am determined to not let having a young family slow down the international travel but in the meantime we plan to travel closer to home anyway. Therefore why not share some of our road trips that we have already done and hope to do in the future with you here on South Australia Road Trips. 

Ultimately I hope this site is able to showcase the best of SA for you, with interesting places to explore, places to stay and yummy food to eat. 

Thanks Lauren xx

Lauren - South Australia Road Trips

Why You Should Follow Along

Being born and bred in South Australia and having lived here my entire life I am proud to say I have travelled to many areas of South Australia and have an extensive knowledge of the state. However, when you live somewhere you often take it for granted and can get into the idea of “I will visit there later”. With Covid-19 giving us a great excuse to properly see SA I am no longer putting it off and plan to visit and revisit as many areas of South Australia to share with you as I can. 

Not only will I share our travels but I will also share the adventures of others who have travelled our state, who are experts in particular areas. So, if you are interested in South Australia be sure to follow along. 

Our Vision

To become a one-stop-shop for all things travel and road-tripping around South Australia!

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